101 in 1001

If you’re a blogger, then I’m sure you have come across the 101 in 1001 lists. I was intrigued. So, so intrigued. If you haven’t seen these lists before, it’s a mixture of ‘to dos’ and ‘big picture’ goals you want to achieve within 1001 days (or just under three years). I’ve had a few of them in the past, but I never managed to keep up with it. However, I’m currently sitting in another lockdown, so I’ve had plenty of time to think about what I want to do with my time. I have some ‘big picture’ goals, and some smaller ‘would be nice’ things that I want to do. By the time my 1001 days are up, I would have just turned 30! 

My 101 in 1001

Start date: 22 September 2021

End date: 19 June 2024

Completed: 12/101

  1. Volunteer in the youth/victim sector
  2. Boost my savings ($XXXX)
  3. Tribute tattoo for my grandmothers
  4. Overseas trip
  5. Read 101 books (2/101)
  6. Get my first aid certificate
  7. Go skydiving
  8. Visit the snow
  9. Send 10 snail-mail type letters (1/10)
  10. Visit a new place in the North Island
  11. And the South Island
  12. Decorate my house
  13. Adopt a pet
  14. Move: completed 6 November 2021
    • Move again (!!)
  15. Go on a spontaneous road trip
  16. Try the damn pumpkin spice latte
  17. Go to a concert
  18. Go to an amusement park
  19. Go wine tasting on Waiheke
  20. Have a spa day
  21. Go ice skating
  22. Take myself out for brunch
  23. Write a letter to myself to open at the end of the challenge
  24. Pay for someone’s coffee order
  25. Completely unplug for five weekends (0/5)
  26. Give five “just because” gifts (1/5)
  27. Host a pot luck dinner
  28. Take my sister on a sibling date
  29. Go to an outdoor cinema
  30. Watch the sunrise from the beach: completed 9 November 2021
  31. Complete a Nike training plan
  32. Change my hair colour (or add highlights, at least!)
  33. 10k steps for 28 consecutive days
  34. Organise a picnic date
  35. Open/contribute to a savings account for my son: completed 5 October 2021
  36. Go one month without buying coffee
  37. …Or takeout
  38. …Or online shopping
  39. Go to a comedy show
  40. Kiss in the rain
  41. Read a set university textbook cover to cover: completed 26 October 2021
  42. Go to the zoo
  43. Go camping
  44. Take a cocktail making class
  45. Get a professional massage
  46. Send Christmas cards
  47. Go skinny dipping
  48. Boudoir/nude photo shoot
  49. Frame (and hang!) my degree
  50. Walk up (and around!) Mount Maunganui
  51. Visit the Sky Tower
  52. Have cocktails at Caretaker
  53. Get a plant and keep it alive
  54. Make a vision board
  55. Watch Lord of The Rings (at least one film)
  56. Buy myself flowers, just because (0/5)
  57. Hike the pinnacles
  58. Sleep under the stars
  59. Ride in a hot air balloon
  60. …And a helicopter
  61. Say “yes” to something I would not normally do
  62. Create my own herb garden
  63. Wake up at 5:00am every day for a week
  64. Decorate a gingerbread house
  65. Go on a friend date: completed 16 October 2021
  66. Reread the Harry Potter books
  67. Go sailing
  68. Mail a love letter: completed 8 October 2021
  69. Have fish & chips on the beach
  70. Hire a pair of roller-skates for the afternoon
  71. Mini golf
  72. Go to a bottomless brunch
  73. …and a high tea
  74. Try an escape room with friends
  75. Get an overall ‘A’ for a class: completed 5 November 2021
    • Get an overall ‘A’ for a semester
  76. Get a psychic reading
  77. Bake bread from scratch
  78. Blog once a week for a year
  79. Meditate every day for one week
  80. Inspire someone to create their own list
  81. Complete an adult colouring book
  82. Leave a note inside a book for someone to find
  83. Run 5km without stopping
  84. Keep a gratitude journal for a month
  85. Complete a sudoku puzzle
  86. Take a free online class
  87. Put my phone away at 10:00pm every night for a week
  88. Donate to a charity: completed 29 September 2021 (Saving Hope Foundation)
    • Donate a set amount to a charity – every month – for a year
  89. Go strawberry picking
  90. Cook my way through an entire cookbook
  91. Finish a puzzle
  92. Have a pyjama day: completed 29 October 2021
  93. ‘Halfway there’ gift for myself (and to celebrate getting halfway through my degree!)
  94. Clear out my wardrobe: Completed 28 September 2021
  95. Create a mid-winter tradition
  96. Write 101 posts (2/101)
  97. Go fishing: completed 9 November 2021
    • Learn how to drive the boat (confidently!)
  98. No Netflix for a week (7/7): completed 14 October 2021
    • No Netflix for two weeks (0/14)
  99. Take a makeup class
  100. Write guest posts for other bloggers (0/5)
  101. Save $5 for each goal completed

Have you ever made this list before?
How many were you able to complete?

xo, Carena

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