Recently Read: February 2019

Hello, yes, I’m still here and I’m still reading as many books as I can get my hands on!

February was a month of hammering out a new routine so I could still enjoy my morning coffee and book, but know that I was still putting in the amount of study needed for my diploma.  I don’t know about you but I can get so caught up in a book that I lose a whole day (or two!).

Between my morning coffee, episodes of Paw Patrol with my son, and late nights spent studying, I managed to read a grand total of five books in February!

Don’t you want to know what I’ve been sinking my literary teeth into?

That Sugar Book x Damon Gameau:  I picked this one up after I heard people rave about it.  And now I know why.  Damon manages to pack information, an experiment, and recipes into a book and keep it interesting!  That is no small feat.  I loved learning about how the food giants keep the food industry turning, where the sugar is hidden and how ‘health food’ definitely deserves air quotes when mentioned in conversation.  I am a bit of a health and fitness nerd (especially with a two-year-old in mind!) so this is a book I absolutely loved.  Definitely worth a read if you’re getting into your food journey or want to know what to look for on the back of food packaging!

Karori Confidential x Leah McFall:  I picked this book up by chance.  I can’t say the title or the cover grabbed me because neither did; however, it took one minute of skim reading in the library before I was hooked.  Leah is a columnist in New Zealand and she is incredible.  Everything she writes is so relatable.  You can imagine yourself, your friend or a family member in the scenario.  You can picture her sitting down to write this very book, and that is something I love.  This book is definitely worth a read if you love short stories that you can dip in and out of.  This book has plenty and they definitely won’t disappoint!

The Sex Diaries Project x Arianne Cohen: Did I just out myself as a bit of a weirdo?  I swear, this book is not how it sounds.  It’s less about sex and more about the female/male psyche around relationships…and sex.  It’s a lot of internal monologues about the day-to-day life of couples who wish they were having more sex.  The book is set in a form of short essays by individuals so it’s easy to read and digest the information; however, it can get very, very repetitive.  I found myself skimming through the entries by the end of the book.  I would only recommend this book if you like getting a peek into other people’s (incredibly personal) lives.  If not, give this one a miss.

Single State of Mind x Andi Dorfman: Another month, another The Bachelor-related book!  I enjoyed her first book so I didn’t hesitate to grab this one when I saw it in the library.  Well.  This book is less about her adventures in New York City and more about her dating life.  I suppose it should have been a dead giveaway, given the title.  Again, I found the beginning of the book interesting but it quickly gave way to the monotonous dating-single-again saga.  It’s like I was reading a play-by-play of my own life and I definitely don’t need that!  Again, it was a quick (ish) read but it will only interest those who have an interest in The Bachelor franchise.

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures x Amber Dusick:  This was a random library find.  I stumbled down the parenting/health aisle in the library and was drawn in by the screaming red cover.  That’s bound to do it, right?  I started and finished this book within a matter of an hour or two.  It’s entertaining, relatable, and hilarious.  As a parent, I found myself nodding along with the commentary and imagery of the author.  This is definitely an entertainment-style book.  It isn’t designed to inform, persuade or tell any one story.  It makes light of an aspect of life that is challenging, frustrating, confusing but also the most rewarding, loving, and hilarious job a person could hold.  I do recommend this book if you’re a parent and need a bit of a laugh.  I’m sure you’ll be able to find a situation (or ten) that you find relatable!

Check out my Goodreads profile if you want to keep up with the books I’m currently reading and all the others I can’t wait to get my hands on!

I said it in January and I’m going to say it again: here’s hoping 2019 brings more coffee, more laughter, and many, many more books!

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6 thoughts on “Recently Read: February 2019

  1. I’ve gotten back into reading this past month (finally) so I’ll keep my eyes open for these books. I’m usually one to gravitate toward fiction novels or something more autobiographical. Reading this made me realise I’ve never actually read anything that’s more like a collection of short stories/essays/thoughts.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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