Guest Post: A Millennial’s Guide To Life In Your Twenties

Welcome to the first guest post on The Caffeinated Millennial.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while so I’m glad it has finally happened!  Carly is a blogger in Essex who has two beautiful little ones.  Her blog covers everything from parenting to healthy food to beauty – there’s a little something for everyone.  Make sure you check out her blog, Instagram page or Twitter account after you finish reading this post!

Hi, I’m Carly from Carly Bloggs and I’m an (almost) 32-year-old Mum of 2.

I wasn’t sure if I fell into the “Millennial” generation. I actually had to Google it to check. Which in itself is probably a very Millennial thing to do. Apparently, though, I am! It’s no surprise really, I love a flat white while sat in a cafe with my laptop, writing blog posts.

salted caramel iced latte.jpg

Ok, that’s a picture of a Salted Caramel Iced Latte but let’s not get into details here.

There’s always so much in the media about the Millennial Generation and how they think they’re hard done by and lazy. Yes, we do post our whole lives on Instagram and want everything to be as perfect as our photos, but I wouldn’t say we felt entitled like the media make out.

Growing up in this day and age is hard work! You’re expected to be an adult and have your shit together in your twenties but, in reality, you haven’t long left school.

I don’t know what it is but since turning 30, life (and me as a person) has just become so much more laid back. Don’t get me wrong, I still look for an adultier adult in a crisis, but I do feel like a proper adult now.

Your twenties are when you are expected to find a career, get your own place and settle down. It’s really not that simple though, is it?

Who knows what they really want from life at that age? People are living longer, so why are we expected to still do all these things in our twenties?

In reality, being in your twenties is the best time to enjoy life. You don’t get to be young forever. I wish I’d been able to do more but I was a mum by the age of 20. “Settled down” with totally the wrong person, but that’s another story.

Life has changed so much since our parents were in their twenties! Getting a job isn’t as simple as it was for them. Walking in to your local office/factory/shop and asking if there are any jobs going doesn’t happen anymore. It’s a series of filling out online forms, emails then multiple interviews before never hearing from that company again.

I was 27 before I got, what I call, ‘a grown-up job’. I worked in pubs from the moment I turned 18 until I realized I didn’t want to be a 30-year-old barmaid. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I wasn’t going anywhere.

Getting on the property ladder in the UK is also an absolute nightmare. I read somewhere recently that the average deposit for a mortgage is around £33,000 and £120,000 if you’re in London!

Unless you save your backside off from the minute you start working (or you have generous family members) it will take you years to get that together!

My point is; no, Millennials are not hard done by, the world IS hard! Nothing is easy and we do need to work our arses off to get anywhere, and that is why we moan!

My tip: stay at home as long as possible, work, travel and enjoy your twenties because when you turn 30, it’s game over.

I’m joking by the way! I love being 30+.

This last couple of years have totally changed me and I don’t really know why. I don’t know if turning 30 has just made give less of a crap about the trivial things or if I have grown up.

Either way, I have accepted that I won’t own a house in… Well, ever. And probably won’t get to retire either. So I’m going to sit back and enjoy my flat white and post a picture of it on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Millennial’s Guide To Life In Your Twenties

  1. I certainly agree times are changing and people are not up to point. The generation before us would say they didn’t live like their parents it’s a wonder to expect Millenials to do so I’m still looking for my longterm “final” job so to speak but I’ve been working real jobs for quite some time. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done for overhauling the market. I enjoyed the read


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