Intentions for June 2019

Am I the only one who feels like they’ve blinked and half the year has disappeared?  I’m finding it very hard to believe that I’m sitting down to write out my intentions for June.  June.  Where does the time go?

The new moon in Gemini arrived three days ago and it brought a lot of things to the surface.

For a while now, it has been clear that I am trying to find my place and purpose in life.  I have found myself reevaluating my job and career choices, my study options, where I live, and my relationships with others.  I have been asking myself questions such as “Does this serve me?”, “Does this spark joy?”, and “Do I need this?”  In essence, I’ve been tidying up my life, KonMari style.

The question of “Does this serve me?” has been the most eye-opening.  Evaluating my actions, reactions, and inactions has shed a light on my everyday life, relationships, and how I feel in myself.  It served as a benchmark to see where I am vs. where I want to be.

My goal for March was to be kind, to myself and to others.

The questions I have been asking has led to some intentions I plan to honour throughout June.  They are not about taking away.  They are about adding positive things into my life.

1. Hold space for myself.

In April and May, I ran myself ragged.  I was trying to be everything to everyone and I was near burnout.  Again.  I said “yes” to everyone and every commitment because I felt like I was letting someone down if I didn’t show up.  This month, I want to hold space for myself.  I want to honour myself and say “no” without giving an excuse or reason.  I need time to rest and recharge and I plan on honouring that so I can show up as the best version of myself.

2.  Read three books.

I am a bookworm.  Like writing, I crave the feel of a physical book.  Nothing can beat it.  I’m currently reading Normal People, 25 and Self-ishand What Am I Supposed To Eat? and I love them all.  I am learning so much from these books and I want to honour my mind by finishing them this month.

3.  Get outside.

I work in an office environment from 10:00am until 5:00pm.  My corner of the office doesn’t have any windows, which means I’m surrounded by artificial light most of the day.  Since starting my wellness journey (#wintershredding) I have found my body craves movement and being outdoors.  I get antsy if I am cooped up all day.  Needless to say, I want to honour my body by going for a walk at lunch, parking my car further from the office, or finding time in my day to workout.

4.  Slow down.

Like I’ve said, I have been pushing my body to the brink.  It’s easy to do in this day and age when being busy is praised and everyone seems to have a ‘side hustle’.  It’s especially easy to be busy in a city like Auckland.  There are cafes to explore, beaches to frolic on, events on every weekend and the city itself just had a hustle vibe to it.  I purposely chose to live away from the city so I could have a balance and feel like I could slow down if I needed.  This month, I am aiming to do yoga twice a week to get back in touch with my body and mind.  Both of us need to slow down.

5.  Declutter.

I’m a woman on a mission.  I don’t have a lot of random stuff because I don’t like clutter but I am starting to feel ‘trapped’ by my possessions.  I’m not going to go nuts and throw away big items, but I want to go through every room with intention and throw away or donate items that no longer serve me.  I have already started on my wardrobe and it feels so good.

6.  Sleep.

My sleep cycles have been off lately.  I’ll go to sleep at midnight then wake up at 4:30am, 5:35am or 6:00am.  Alternatively, I’ll fall asleep (fully clothed) on top of my bed at 8:30pm then wake up at 2:00am very dazed and confused.  This month, I want to work on my sleep by getting in bed at 10:00pm and turning off my light at 10:30pm.  Hopefully, this means I’ll be able to wake up at 4:30am or 5:00am without feeling like I’ve had absolutely no rest.

7.  Learn to parent an Aquarius child

I’m his mum, I know how to keep him alive and happy.  I know how to parent him in the way that I am happy and comfortable with, as a Taurean parent; however, that is a sharp contrast to what he needs as an individual.  A friend and I went over human design and astrology over the weekend, and it was eye-opening.  My son is my exact opposite, who would have thought?  Because of this, I want to learn how to parent in a way that suits his design and needs and aligns with my belief systems.

I’ll update you at the end of this month on how it went, what worked, what didn’t, and how I feel!

Now tell me:

  • What are your intentions for June?
  • Do you know your human design?
  • What is one thing that makes you happy?

signature, the caffeinated millennial

3 thoughts on “Intentions for June 2019

  1. Hmm, now as a parent, I am interested in your last intention and never thought/considered parenting a certain way… definitely will keep this in mind as my daughter gets older.

    Also definitely could benefit from de-cluttering especially since the room that is currently housing my “stuff” will be the daughter’s room when she requires it… prolonging it as long as possible T_T


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