On Not Being Ready

I have come back to this page countless times and just stared at it. I told myself I would come back to the blog ‘when I was ready’. I thought a decent break away from sharing myself on the internet would let me figure out what I wanted to do with this space. I would be ready in another week, another two weeks, another month. The excuses piled up and time slipped by. I wasn’t ready a week ago and I’m still not ready now, but I am making a comeback!

I have missed this space. I have missed waking up early in the morning to drink a cup of coffee and pour my heart out onto a page. This blog is my creative outlet and I need to see it as just that. It will always be a work in progress because I am a work in progress. Nothing will ever be perfect but it will be just good enough for me to hit the ‘publish’ button.

I was listening to Georgie Stevenson’s podcast – Rise & Conquerand she said something about making time for the joy. It didn’t have to be some huge, out-of-this-world activity, but it had to be something that made you happy. This relates to something recommended by Rachel Hollis in her book Girl, Stop Apologising. She had a key list of things for improving your life and one of them was finding an activity that made you lose track of time. I loved these ideas because reading and writing are these activities for me. I may never be a professional writer or a paid blogger but I love my little corner on the internet.

I love being able to come here and pour my heart out with the knowledge that someone somewhere will be feeling the same way. I love the community that the blogosphere has built up over the years. No one quite “gets it” except those that also spill their guts online, and I love it.


From here on out, I am going to embrace not being ready. I am going to show up for myself and for this space. I am going to keep putting one keystroke after another until hitting ‘publish‘ is not something that gives me anxiety but brings me joy again.

We are all works in progress. Sometimes we fall flat on our face and sometimes we fly. Sometimes we are thrown into a situation we aren’t ready for and – more often than not – that’s when the magic happens.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some more m a g i c in my life.

12 thoughts on “On Not Being Ready

  1. I love this – it’s how I see my blogs “waking up with a good cuppa coffee and pouring my heart out on a page”. Totally agree and I think it’s how we all should blog every now and again!

    Thanks for the podcast recommendation, will definitely have to check it out!

    You can do it hun, keep pushing forward, your blog is fab xx

    Sophie | https://sophieschoice.co.uk


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