Book Chat: November 2020 Reads

Book Chat: November 2020 Reads

The end of the month means it’s time for book chat!

Can you believe it’s the end of November? It feels like 2020 has zoomed by in the blink of an eye and now we’re staring Christmas in the face. There are candy canes everywhere, Christmas trees are flooding my Instagram feed, and Christmas carols are playing in every store. How did that happen?

So, what did I read in November?

I’m constantly asked about my favourite books, authors and genres. Reality is that I love all books. I will read any book that comes my way. My perfect day involves brunch followed by pots of coffee and a ginormous stack of books. Maybe a thunderstorm or two – just for good measure. Throughout November, I made it a priority to make a coffee and read before starting my work day. It’s a small act of self care that has quickly become part of my daily routine. It sets me up for a good day and has helped me to power through some books. Win-win.

Confessions of a Single Mum: What It’s Like When You’re Expecting The Unexpected x Amy Nickell

I picked this book up on a whim as hello, I am a single mum. I thought it would be a chance to get another perspective of a single parent in an easy-to-consume, entertaining way. I ended up picking up (and putting down) this book multiple times because I just couldn’t get invested in the story which, as a single parent, I found a tad ironic. I nodded along and drew many parallels but the overall tone didn’t “gel” with me. I liked the idea behind the book but I won’t be rushing to recommend it to other people.

Rating: ★★★

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