October Goals 2021

Over my twenty-seven years, I have figured out that I am incredibly extrinsically motivated. I love doing stuff to cross it off a list, get a good grade, get a prize, or be praised. (Helloooo operant conditioning.) I’m also highly competitive, which means I have to do the thing if I mention it to someone else.

I’ve heard mixed opinions on whether you should share your goals with other people or keep them close to your chest. I sit on the fence. I don’t have any worries about sharing my monthly goals (clearly) or my short-term goals, but I have some big, audacious goals that I’m keeping pretty close to my heart. I have lots of little goals that are building to the big goal, so you could definitely piece it together…if you pay attention over the next few years.

So, with all this being said, I will be starting a goal feature on the blog! It will be a mix of month-to-month goals, university goals, reading goals, new years resolutions (because I’m a sucker for them!), and reviews of everything in between. I love being able to reflect on things, so this is perfect!

Goals for October 2021

  1. 16 workouts!
  2. Read one book.
  3. Write four blog posts.
  4. Start a vision board (probably on Pinterest).
  5. Send a love letter.
  6. Start buying/organising Christmas presents.
  7. Clean out/collate C’s unused toys.
  8. Start working with my tarot deck(s) more.
  9. Meditate (open goal).
  10. Try one new recipe each week.
  11. Get my screen time to under five hours per day/weekly average.

Wow, I love a good list! It helps me stay grounded and focused on my goals. I used to have a bad habit of looking around at what other people were achieving and constantly beating myself up over it. I’ve found that having a clear set of goals helps me stay focused on myself and celebrate the wins for other people.

And, you know what? I might be stuck in lockdown (thanks, COVID-19!), but I’m feeling a lot more optimistic about the rest of the month.

Do you have any goals for October? What do you think about making goals and sharing them with other people?

xo, Carena